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What is Belcash?
What is Belcash?

Belcash is the easiest, fastest and most reliable financing tool to facilitate the purchase of your products and services, offering you customized solutions and flexible payment plans tailored to your needs. We guarantee a quick and secure process that enables you to focus on your aspirations, while relieving you from the stress and worry associated with paying for them.

Join Belcash
Can I create an account just to explore BelCash services?

Yes you can, just follow the sign in easy process.

Join Belcash

1- Click on Sign up button
2- Fill in the required information and click on Create Account button
3- Enter the OTP sent you by SMS or Email

Great! You have successfully created an account at BelCash

What are the supported payment methods for financed product installments?

You can pay your financed product installments easily using your credit/debit card online or using Fawry.

Security and Governance
Is it secure to pay online on Belcash website?

Yes, Belcash is integrated with a trusted payment providers which is PCI DSS certified.

Is Belcash regulated by any governmental regulator?

Yes, Belcash is regulated by the FRA (Financial Regulatory Authority) for consumer finance.

financed products
How can I apply for a financed product with Belcash?

You can apply for a financed product with Belcash by signing up online through our website or filling the application with our sales representatived at published merchants or dial our call center to provide your contact to our sales representative.

What are the needed documents to request a financed product?

You'll only need to provide your valid National ID to apply for a financed product with Belcash, and in some case we might need additional documents (utility bill, car license, bank statement or club membership).

How long does it take for my financed product to get approved?

Your financed product request gets instantly approved within an hour from filling the application on our website.

What is the eligibility criteria for applying?

Our criteria is very simple, you just need to,
1- minimum age 21 years.
2- Egyptian with a valid National ID.

How many financed products can I apply to with Belcash?

Not limited.

What are the available financed product types?

We offer a wide range of products as Education, Health Care, Home Finishing, Solar Energy, Consumer Electronics, Goods & Services.

What is the financed amount limit?

The financed amount can reach up to EGP 1 Million depending on the product.

What are the available installment plans at Belcash?

You can apply for a financed product with installment plans from 6 to 60 months depending on the product.

Can I settle my financed product payments early?

Yes, please contact our support team to proceed with early settlements .

Can I cancel my financed product?

Yes. You can cancel your financed product as long as it's not activated.

Can I partially settle my financed product?

No, currently we don't support partial settlements.

Will my financed products with BelCash affect my Debt Burden?

Yes, Belcash is regulated by the FRA (Financial Regulatory Authority) and is reported to I-Score

What type of collaterals does Belcash require?

You'll only need to sign Belcash Contract and its attached documents.

What are the vendors/merchants partnered with Belcash?

Please visit our website for services providers list.